The Eisvogel – Prize for Sustainable Film Production

The inaugural Eisvogel – Prize for Sustainable Film Production will be awarded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMUV) and the Heinz Sielmann Stiftung in cooperation with the Federal Government’s Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM) to recognise film productions that make use of sustainable production practices in their planning and execution. The prize is awarded together with the Allianz Deutscher Produzenten – Film & Fernsehen e.V. association of German film, TV and media producers.

The "Eisvogel - Award for Sustainable Film Productions" is endowed with 20,000 euros in its main category and 5,000 euros in the newcomer category.

To qualify for the prize, a production must meet the following criteria:

  • Its producers must clearly acknowledge their responsibility to reduce their impact on the environment;
  • The production must have been entirely planned and carried out in accordance with environmental protection standards;
  • It must additionally have made use of innovative ideas during the production process that led to an appreciable reduction in environmental impact.

In their quest to promote greater sustainability in the film industry, the founders of the Eisvogel Prize chose the symbol of a kingfisher to represent an intact natural world and healthy, life-sustaining waterways. The prize aims to encourage participants from the sector to adhere to sustainability standards during the production of audiovisual media.

The application period for the 2022/2023 competition period endet on November 30, 2022.

The award ceremony took place at the Federal Ministry for the Environment in Berlin on February 16, 2023.



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