The jury

The winner of the Eisvogel – Prize for Sustainable Film Production is selected by a five-person jury composed of experienced representatives from both the film and media sector and the environmental sciences.


Foto Michael Beier sw

Michael Beier

Chairman of the Heinz Sielmann Stiftung

„The film and TV industry should take on a central role model function in the topic of sustainability. It is in a strong position to drive forward future-oriented technological innovations. We support that.“

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jury portraits Peter Dinges

Peter Dinges

CEO of the German Federal Film Board (FFA)

“I am very excited that we are taking another important step in establishing frameworks for ecological and environmentally friendly film production in Germany with the Eisvogel – Prize for Sustainable Film Production.”

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jury portraits susanne freyer

Susanne Freyer

CEO of Akzente Film & Fernsehproduktion

“I am glad that a prize for sustainable film production has been created that recognises the effort and creativity that many producers are contributing to this issue, as well as providing a new incentive for green productions in the future.”

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jury portraits lars jessen

© Marion von der Mehden

Lars Jessen


“Sustainability and environmental protection concern all of us. That’s why I’m so glad that the responsibility borne by the film industry and film-makers is gaining ever more attention.”

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jury portraits Bettina Rechenberg

© Susanne Kambor. Umweltbundesamt

Dr. Bettina Rechenberg

Head of Division III: Sustainable Production and Products, Waste Management at the German Environment Agency

“To preserve our environment and conserve resources, we need creative solutions in all areas. In order to promote the dissemination of solutions throughout the sector, we want to recognise the film productions that develop them for their vital contribution.”

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The Federal Ministry for the Environment and the Federal Government’s Commissioner for Culture and Media will also send high-level representatives to the jury panel; however, these representatives will not have voting rights.


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